FRAC members are representatives of out-of-state colleges and universities, who live and work in Florida. They are your connection to college opportunities around the United States and the rest of the world.

Kim Parrett

FRAC Board Member: Chairperson

Antonio Serrano

FRAC Board Member: Treasurer, Membership Chair

Ernia Evans

FRAC Board Member: South Florida Vice-Chair

Stephanie Hospodar

FRAC Board Member: Central Florida Vice-Chair

Tara Nelan

FRAC Board Member: Counselor Relations Chair

Peyton Spear

FRAC Board Member: Technology Chair

Danette Anderson

Richard Aufderheide

Benet Bondi

Stephanie Creasman

Olander Fleming

Dowling Gibson

Jennifer Henderson

Daniel Johnston

Marilina Matta

Laura Miller

Russell Moore

Lauren Rambo

Christine Rice

Monica Sobolesky

Mark Stanley